Kid & Play: a New Era

When I talk to people my age and ask them what it was like when they were kids the answer is the same – we all had to be home before dark or we came home because we were hungry. Whenever I ask, where did you learn how to throw, the answers are always: skipping rocks at the local creek or playing cricket in the street. I ask people, where did you learn how to run, and they say, “That’s just how we got around!”.

I remember my Mum asking when I was going out one Saturday morning: “Where are you going?”. I replied, “I don’t know yet” and she said: “OK have fun and be home before dark”.

fitscool-whats-happened-page-2We were not told we couldn’t climb trees, or to wear shoes in the creek, or that we had to wait for Mum or Dad to come along so we were safe.

How did our mums and dads get some peace and quiet? They sent us outside to play. How do we do this now? We turn on the TV, give them an iPad, or tell them it is OK to go on the computer or play the computer games.

Yes, the world has changed and parenting has changed with it. But a gap has been created in the modern childhood experience and FIT’SCOOL is a safe and effective way to fill that gap. FIT’SCOOL can provide that experience that kids are missing – running around and having fun!