What is FIT’SCOOL?

Knees to ElbowsWHAT IS FIT’SCOOL?

FIT’SCOOL is an after-school fitness program that gets kids moving and learning about good health, nutrition and exercise.

Children are organised into groups and given fun physical activities that keep them moving for the entire time. The program is completely flexible, designed to cater to all fitness levels, capabilities and body shapes.

Our program has been designed by physical education experts and road-tested on the toughest critics we could find – the kids!

Instructional components on nutrition and diet can be included in each session so kids can learn how physical activity and what they eat work together to drive their bodies and brains.

Organisers are given all the tools to run each session, with information and extensive support available from the FIT’SCOOL team. We will teach each instructor how to manage the sessions and how to manage the children, including tips on structure and discipline to ensure every child gets as much as possible from the program.

FIT’SCOOL is easy to roll out to schools everywhere without any need for expensive equipment or highly trained staff. Anyone can run and operate FIT’SCOOL – you just need a couple of adult volunteers – if you build it, the kids will come!

FIT’SCOOL teaches children in a fun, non-competitive environment that physical activity is fun!

FIT’SCOOL helps build cardio fitness, core strength, muscle control, fine and gross motor skills and body dexterity.