About Us

Fitschool-Kids-Hands-2FIT’SCOOL – OUR VISION

To have every school in Australia adopt the FIT’SCOOL program.

To offer every child the opportunity to run like the clappers – no matter how fast that is!

To give every school-aged child and adult an exercise strategy that they can apply now and see the results for themselves.

To give every school-aged child and adult an understanding of exercise, and health and fitness that they can return to later in life when they need to create changes.


FIT’SCOOL is dedicated to ending childhood obesity by teaching school-aged children how to incorporate physical activity into their everyday lives.

FIT’SCOOL educates children of the importance of good nutrition and making good food choices.

Through modeled behaviour, we are committed to changing attitudes towards health and well-being, equipping our children with the tools so that they can be responsible for their own good health from childhood through to adulthood.

FIT’SCOOL is our weapon in the fight against childhood obesity and its associated health disasters, including Diabetes 2, heart disease and shortened life expectancy.